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At the Animal Allergy and Ear Clinic, we work hand in hand with families, whose pets become like family to us. Many clients come to us after many failed attempts at skin management, wanting relief, comfort, and long term, quality health for their pet. In many cases, we maintain long term relationship with our patients and their families. It warms our hearts and continues to amaze us everyday how hard our clients work with us for their pets. We feel it is time that we start to acknowledge how truly incredible our clients and patients are. So we will be honoring a Pet of the Month. Each month, the staff collaborates and discusses connections they’ve made, clients who truly go above and beyond, as well as patients who are as sweet as they come (which is ALL of them). Treating dermatological issues is a detail oriented and sometimes very tedious effort and we watch clients every single day go above and beyond to help their four legged family member!

March 2019: Fuzzy (aka Buzzy)


Pet of the Month: Fuzzy, also known as Buzzy

The Loving Pet Parent: Staci and her daughter, Alejandra
Breed: Schnauzer/Terrier Mix
Age: 10.5 years old
Clients of AAEC since: March 2015

Why we love them:

We not only love Fuzzy because he is adorable, but also because Fuzzy is a super sweetie even when he is feeling crumby which is more than we can say of ourselves. LOL! On top of his pleasant and playful disposition our staff enjoys being a part of the vigilant, loving care Fuzzy’s family gives him everyday. It reminds all of us why we got into this business. Just read what Staci’s daughter wrote about their special little guy to see what we mean, and to see a picture of Fuzzy before his condition became controlled scroll to the end of the article. Thank you!

Fuzzy’s Story by his Family:
Fuzzy is a Yorkie/Schnauzer mix. He joined our family in December 2008. He’s energetic, very smart, sweet and silly and we just love him.
In 2014/2015, Fuzzy was incorrectly diagnosed with food allergies. He was extremely ill and was taken to the emergency veterinary hospital. It was a terrible ordeal and we were afraid we were going to lose him. Thankfully they put us in touch with Dr. Randall. I don’t think he would have made it without her. Because of Dr Randall’s knowledge and care we still have our little boy and we are grateful. She and her team are wonderful and caring people.

My daughter, Alejandra, helped write this him:

Fuzzy bear is a happy boy who brings a lot of joy to our family. When he is excited and happy he likes to run around and say “woo woo!”. Fuzzy’s favorite food is bread and he loves to cuddle. When Fuzzy bear got sick it was scary because he was so weak and he didn’t say woo. Thanks to Dr. Randal and her team Buzzy is back to his old self! —

A word from the staff at Animal Allergy and Ear Clinic about Fuzzy’s condition:

We are so glad to have brought the ‘woo woo’ back to Fuzzy! In 2015, when we first saw Fuzzy he was diagnosed with vasculopathy and bullous pemphigoid. Vasculopathy causes damage to the blood vessels that causes bruising and injury to the surrounding tissue, and bullous pemphigoid is a rare skin disease that causes chronic blistering of the skin. It ranges from mildly itchy welts to severe blisters and infection. Lesions are often widespread but tend to be concentrated in the groin. The involved skin resembles a severe scald and this autoimmune disease can be life-threating due to secondary infections. The picture below shows how Fuzzy’s skin looked when he first became a patient.

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