Tips for Administering Immunotherapy

Tips for Immunotherapy Success

While you are administering immunotherapy to your pet we ask you keep detailed notes each day. Great notes allow us to work closely with you to track changes as they occur and make the best decision going forward for your pet. Below, we have attached a great example of notes kept by a client.

A Note from the Animal Allergy and Ear Clinic regarding Client Participation and Compliance 

The key to success with immunotherapy lies in consistency. This form of treatment will not be successful without the full participation and cooperation of the owner or caretaker. Therefore, the decision to proceed with immunotherapy should be based on client preferences and their commitment to the treatment.

At the Animal Allergy and Ear Clinic it is our goal to ensure clients feel educated and prepared to effectively administer immunotherapy to their pet. When clients are well informed they are more likely to adhere to the immunotherapy schedule, commit to the other concurrent therapies that have been, and make the necessary modifications in the home environment per the prescribing veterinarian’s instructions. It is our mission to be as upfront in terms of the program, schedule, cost, and needed compliance when embarking on immunotherapy. For the treatment to be successful we will provide constant guidance and encouragement.

Additional Informative Handouts to Assist Clients

How to Rate Your Pet's Itchiness

Factsheet for Immunotherapy

Atopic Dermatitis


Flea Allergy

Canine Pyoderma

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